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Starcraft Nova Hentai Starcraft Nova Hentai

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Alright here's wot I think (<--- rock paper shotgun style)

First of all, for a hentai game, it's quite good and fairly easy to beat. The animations are pretty well done for the tentacles, in which I have seen a lot of hentai games that don't really do it so well.

The characters are quite good, Nova looks really cute on the manga style and her expressions are really well made, because they look like she's really enjoying it. The Command Center robot isn't as well done If I may say, and this is because the model looks like it was a bit rushed and it doesn't really fit the anime style that Nova has. But maybe I'm just nitpicking.. (I'm saying this trough the eyes of a artist though..)

Probably one of the things that kinda started being annoying was the repetitive sounds Nova makes to each scene.

Also, on the 8th scene, there's a small glitch to the circle thingy. It looks like when it's almost about to finish a "lap", it warps a bit forward. I can't really explain it but you should look at that.

PS.: You get extra points for including the OLD <3 Terran theme. You don't get the full extra points for not being the "full" track (part one and part 2). Keep on the good job, because I have just became your fan :)

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