Moving to other places.

2012-11-22 17:51:28 by psyk323

Well it's time to move on to other websites! Check my tumblr and my HF accounts to stay up to date with my arts and doodles!
There will be livestreams almost every week! Check tumblr for when livestream links get posted!

Commissions and that sort of stuff can be viewed on the HF link.

New tablet and new pc. Awesome stuff coming.

2012-11-10 21:27:36 by psyk323

A big thanks for Cabbie for helping me with the tablet problem. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be drawing again for a while.

As the time I have been out, I got to sketch a lot and learn new stuff to make my digital arts more stunning (I'm hoping) so I'll be doing a warm up week before I go out to actually do all the commissions I have on my waiting list (I'm so sorry for that guys).

I might also start a livestream channel so that you guys can see how I work (I got some questions/request asking me how I draw, but I'm too lazy to make a tutorial) and have a bit of fun as well.



A lot of commissioners are asking for big arts and the problem with that is that it takes a lot of the time I have to work, and the waiting list is sort of big right now so to give every one a posibilaty of getting a art, but not wasting too much money on it as well.

So I'm gonna limit commissions to 2 character only.

Prices start at 15EU like always.

Payment is Paypal only.

Send me a PM or a e-mail to if you're interested.

Tablet problems UPDATE!

2012-10-18 12:52:33 by psyk323

UPDATE! A new tablet is on the way guys! Right next week! :D So get ready for some new stuff

Also, I'm planning on doing some changes around here, this will include new commission prices, art quality (for better I'm hopping), more places I upload arts, new look to the blog and NG account, and some more...

ALSO, november is a awesome month for me and that's because I have my birthday in it which will be on 24th! So I'll be planing something really awesome for the week from 18 to 24, including arts of Creepy, Zinnyah and some more characters! Stay tunned for that.

My PC is back, commission infos! (OLD)

2012-09-04 20:21:46 by psyk323

Wooohh! That was a close one! Well my pc is back from the dead but I think if anything happens to it again I wont be able to fix it. Anyway...

Commission info gonna be posted here on newgrounds if in any case you might want to commission me something.

The prices start at 10EU for the first character, a lower price is applied to the second and so on characters, but the final price is due to what it's requested in the end.
Prices for backgrounds start at 5EU (simple backgrounds are not charged).

I accept paypal only.

Send me a PM if you're interested.

I shall leave a small preview down bellow.

My PC is back, commission infos! (OLD)

I'm closing the requests week.

2012-08-23 09:10:18 by psyk323

Bad news guys. I'm closing requests week, I had some problems with photoshop CS6 and my PC, so I'm working on that, in the meantime my tablet can't get used due to some other problems so no more requests and no arts coming soon. Sorry guys.

I'll be making series of arts in the next weeks!...

2012-08-02 05:59:55 by psyk323

... as soon as my vacation end.

Hey guys! I'm just letting you know that I'm planning to do a series of arts FROM the fans (YOU) to the fans (YOU again). This is to celebrate the +200 fans on newgrounds (you guys are awesome) . Here's the basic idea:

From 14/8/2012 to 31/8/2012 I'll be doing NSFW requests of girl characters (One girl per request with no sexual pose) and you can request ANY CHARACTER! I don't care if it's from WoW or Minecraft or whatever. I'LL DO IT! I'm planning on doing 3 requests a week in random order, and if anyone really want me to do your request, I'm selling a request slot for 10EU each (PM me for more info). That will make a request slot saved for you.

Your requests can start NOW, or later if you want. Anyways see you guys later! :)

EDIT: Here's an extra I just thought of. For each request I do, I'll write the requesters name on the art it self.

I'm so sleepy.

Well Sakyubasu No Tatakai part1 is finally finished. I have to admit it was quite fun working with Gore and if he wants, I'll work with him again for other projects.

The comic is done and the 3 pages have been uploaded. I now have to finish the "complete" thing with cover art, credits, and some cool extras like minecraft skins and what not... That will come in time. August is a good guess.

I will be taking a bit of a break of minecraft arts, but surprise surprise, I have a big list of games I want to draw, starting with Diablo3. Something I wasn't able to buy... I gave a try at the guest pass though.

Anyway, I hope you like the comic!

Comic done, I'm going on vacation soon.

Fan appreciation time.

2012-05-28 16:38:48 by psyk323

Hello every one!

So I'm going to take a break at art because I will be in a internship for some time, and I want to dedicate some time to my fans.... sooo I'm open for Q&A!... again....

Mind you there's still a BIG art thing coming this week which you fans of minecraft and my art of minecraft will like... I think.. I'll post a preview down below.

There's a bigger post on my blog, you should check it out if you want to know more stuff about me and what not...


Fan appreciation time.

I'm now on newgrounds!

2012-05-11 17:53:19 by psyk323

Alright! I'm on newgrounds now! Arts will be posted here, some never seen arts will be here as well.

If you don't know who I am, I'm mostly a NSFW artist, I have been doing this for about 1 year and something, I mostly use Rule34 and my blog to post my arts so you should check them out.

My own blog. :)